About Us

Click Click Clean 

Affordable Cleaning for ALL. Iamcleaning is a cleaning company with a difference inculcating a strictly supervised and structured cleaning process aimed at making your space clean and comfortable in a quick clean timeframe. We use a structured checklisted process using a team of iamcleaners, making sure that we dont waste any of your time. What would take many hours, our team gets done faster, smarter and in a more structured way. Our core express service is extremely affordable for all. 

Our team of Cleaners have been trained, criminal checked and verified to make sure that they achieve levels of cleaning excellence found in the most prestigous establishments. Our service offering is geared towards the busy lifestyle that most households face. We offer everything from Household cleaning to Laundry, ironing and upholstery services. 

Here at iamcleaning.co.za, we aim to get you busy doing the things that matter. leave the cleaning to us. 

We also offer weekly and monthly cleaning packages.

How we do things 

Your space is very important to you, and we know this. Our approach is to make sure we take absolute care in making sure you are satisfied and remain a happy customer. 

Each cleaning location will be allocated 2/3 cleaners and one supervisor who will make sure that the cleaning is carried out in a efficient and effective manner. We have a structured approach aimed to maximise value and reduce the cleaning time, creating a quick turnaround so that you can enjoy your space. Our method is to staff up, creating a super efficient systematic checklisted cleaning approach.